5 Exceptional Tips for Promising Writers

Work on these effective tips for taking your writing career to the next level.


Despite working hard, your writing career still not bringing the desired progress?

Whether you are a Content writer, a Creative writer, or a Copywriter, tired of being frustrated by negative feedback from clients or lack of response from the audience?

Well, it isn’t a big deal, trust me, if you’re still ready to invest time and effort in yourself to improve.

“It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up”- Babe Ruth

Ardent writers who desire to learn the craft deftly often seek advice from experienced writers, blogs, courses, or other writing-related sources.

The tips they eventually receive are nothing but an echo of many-time-uttered stuff: reading and writing regularly, brushing up on grammar rules, scribbling in simple words, and so on.

In order to grease the track of your writing safari, there are some other elixirs that will add some startling value to your strive. We’ll look at them shortly.

You may have heard of them before, but incorporating these tools into your writing adventure may soon bring you the ONE YOU that you crave becoming as a writer.

An Interesting fact: There is no shortcut to success.

1. Maintain Handbook journals, and treat them as your friends in need


The brain has a knack for deceiving. It hoards, it learns, then it forgets for no reason!

Why! I read that yesterday!!

Well, that’s where a handbook journal helps. It works like holy scriptures for writers.

I’d recommend using multiple journals. Like one for the vocabulary, one for phrases, and one for a list of terms and tips. Arrange the journals into different sections so that when you need to look for something specific, you can find it within seconds.

Make your handbook Journals look aesthetic and artsy, use colored pencils and sticky notes, and keep them in hand always.

2. Keep an Eye on the Sensory Imagery


Sensory Imagery? Senses: Sight, Hearing, Smell, Taste, and Touch.

A creative writer would understand this best. The more you incorporate sensory in your writing, the more descriptive and realistic images your writing brings.

Even if you are a content writer or a Copywriter, to transform a bland piece of writing into a sharp and interesting one, add sensory imagery.

Consider a piece of apple. Perched on your table. Lonely and red. Big. Ready to be sacrificed. You listen to its call and follow it. You grab it and its skin is cold as no one has touched it since you brought it from the store. Time for a big bite. Sweet, juicy……ummmm.


A list of my favorite books on writing

Bird By Bird (Buy from Amazon)
On Writing Well(Buy from Amazon)
Zen In the Art of Writing (Buy from Amazon)
On Writing(Buy from Amazon)
Story Genius (Buy from Amazon)

3. Copywork is an Amazing Practice


Writing on a regular basis demonstrates an improved outcome. No arguments on that. But sometimes, you get baffled and sit in front of your computer screen, scouring the net just to find one writing prompt.

Try Copyworking.

It’s nothing but to copy others’ writings, word by word, line by line, punctuation by punctuation.

Exactly as you see it on the page.

Try to do it as efficiently as possible.

Do it for at least15 minutes on a regular basis. The changes you’ll notice shortly. It’s like building your muscle memory, and it’s like a warm-up for writers.

4. Focus on a single purpose


No, this one is not a practicing method or any useful tool. Instead, it’s a mandatory tip for writers.

If you are writing about an apple, and then abruptly you hop onto a tree branch and then come down to a tiny ant, you’ll end up writing about an elephant eating banana plants.

It’s not something that your audience wants basically. Ask yourself, why does an audience read your piece? To get something that provides pleasure to them. To get something that solves a problem.

If you keep hopping from one branch to another like a monkey, the readers will eventually mark you as a monkey, not as a writer. So stick to one single purpose, and write about it. Keep your core purpose in mind always when writing.

5. Learn How to Think Clearly


Your brain collects a lot of ideas every day. Imagine it as a Fabrics Factory. You have all the elements, all the components, all the materials. But the machine, it’s just not working as it’s supposed to be. Will it be able to crank out the fabric ever?

Creativity is all about connecting dots.

You read and write, you gather ideas, and they hover around your mind constantly. But if you can’t connect the dots, arrange them, and bring them in order, there will never be a better writing piece.

Stay mindful, and write down your ideas on the paper in detail. Select the key points, and place them in order. Write down your desired outcome and goal. Work accordingly. You’ll for sure end up generating something that will be loved by your clients and audience.

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