To non-native writers: Get out of the Inferiority of not being a Native English Speaker.

Keep the urge alive to become a writer. Keep practicing. Language is sometimes only a skill to learn.

Image: Unsplash.

I, myself, a blunder in the name of a Writer. This write-up (yes, goddamn it is) may contain many grammatical mistakes, fillers, and clutters. Either you skip or skim, I don’t freaking care.

I am already a writer. But I want to go big. Really Really Big.

I had this gut feeling since I was a child, to become a writer in the English language, a best-selling author. I am into my mid-thirties now and still ready to sit behind the table in any prominent bookstore in Vermont or Oregon, with a stack of books (written by me), getting tired of giving autographs; “Just 50 more left Sir” — the Storekeeper still pleads.

That urge is tantamount to daydreaming, I know. A remnant of that dream is still alive; the rest is being devoured by the Bottle green Evil, named Inferiority. BEING A NON-NATIVE ENGLISH SPEAKER sometimes hurts, especially if you have a low level of the brain(like I have) and a lofty dream like becoming a best-selling author.

It was probably 2019; I realized that not all best-selling authors are from the U.S. or the U.K. So, I can still do it. Okay. Let’s do it.

I have recently embarked on a journey to hone my writing skill. What‘s my plan to surpass an upcoming bestselling author from Manhattan or Cali (Sorry to say, that might be you too)? Here they are below. Let me hear from the Writing Pundits. Are they any good workouts?

  • Copyworking for 30 minutes or at least 500 words a day. Now don’t tell me you don’t know what Copywork is. Go check the link. What is Copywork?
  • Active reading for 30 minutes, and read loudly for at least 15 minutes(Of course, Paperbacks).
  • Learn 3 new vocabularies a day along with 10 examples each, and write them down.
  • Listening to podcasts for 15 min at least. Note down the unclear points; keep repeatedly listening unless they make sense clearly.
  • Not to worry about Grammars; the active reading would do it automatically if I could keep up with it regularly.
  • Stroll around like a Vagrant for 30 minutes to discover the surroundings from distinctive perspectives.
  • Write aimlessly for 30 minutes (that I am doing right now, probably).
  • Jotting down each day’s progress before going to bed.

Recently I read the book, Steal like an Artist by Austin Kleon. This person has opened my eyes. Yes, Ideas can be taken from past artworks. For now, it’s important for me to practice and develop a unique writing style.

Austin has spoken about several effective tips in order to becoming a successful artist or a writer ( I am not going to share them here with you, I confess I am selfish). But I already feel like an artist after reading Steal like an artist (You can Buy this book from Amazon).

(By the way, I don’t have any personal connection with Austin, just mentioning his name to get attention. Jokes apart, I am truly a fan of this person. Following him lately. I hope we’ll be someday collaboratively writing a book. I’ll let you know when I’ll be ready for the venture, Austin.)

There is no alternative to practicing regularly. The more you practice smart, the much rapidly you progress. All the native English writers practice too. All we non-natives have to do is to do a bit more hard work, that’s all. But never let that desire to become a writer die.

Hands are hurting, will blabber some other day. I will write a complete review on Austin Kleon’s Steal like an artist soon and share it here on Medium with you. I will come back soon. Break a leg, fellas.

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